2024-2025 Registration Fees

River Surge FC 2023-2024 Fee Structure
    Full Year Fall or Spring Only
Program Age Base Fee Fundraiser Total Fee Base Fee

Fundraiser   (Spring)

Total Fee
Little Ripples U4 $50 - $50
Little Ripples U5/6 $60 - $60
Recreation U8 $85 $50 $135
Recreation U10 $100 $50 $150
Recreation U11/12 $100 $50


Recreation U13 & UP $100 $50


Academy U8 $260 $50 $310 $180 $50 $230
Academy U10 $280 $50 $330 $200 $50 $250
Classic U11 & U12 $300 $100 $400 $200 $100 $300
Classic U13 & up $350 $100 $450 $250 $100 $350
State U11 & U12 $400 $100 $500 $300 $100 $350
State U13 & up $450 $100 $550 $350 $100 $450
MWC & above U13 & UP $600 $100 $650 $500 $100 $550
Adult $100 - $100


River Surge Club Fundraiser

River Surge FC has adopted a mandatory fundraising expectation for club members that participate in the following programs: Competitive, Academy, and Recreational (5U-19U).  Starting with the 2023-2024 league year you will be able to select the buyout option at registration.   If you choose not to do the buyout, you will have the ability to participate in club-wide fundraisers in the fall and/or spring. 

A max of a two-player buyout applies per family. The two-player buyout charge will be based on the two highest buyout registrations in your family.


River Surge FC Program Buyout
Competitive, Youth Academy (Full Year) $100
Youth Academy (Spring Only) $50
Recreational 8U-19U (Spring Only) $50
Recreational 5U-6U (Spring Only) $0- NA


River Surge Competitive Team Fundraisers

Players will have an opportunity to raise funds for their teams to attend tournaments during the season. The club is currently evaluating options to accommodate this additional fundraising. Participation in the team fundraiser does not replace the Club Fundraiser requirements. Any unused team fundraising dollars will be used for general club needs at the end of each fiscal year.

Nestle Fee Assistance Program

Thanks to Nestle, River Surge FC is able to offer fee assistance!  The intent of this program is to help families in financial need to pay for soccer fees.  This program will assist with fee's only, the family will still be responsible for their fundraising obligation.   

When you register with the club, there will be a selection you will have to make in order to apply for assistance.

For more information on the Nestle- River Surge FC Fee Assistance Program, please CLICK HERE